January 2018

28-31: CDN-Victoria, Black History Month

February 2018

01-11: CDN-Victoria, Black History Month

Mars 2018

07: A-Wien,Das Dorf, Benefizkonzert für die Sababu Schule with Wolfgang Puschnig, Karl Ritter

08-11:NL-Amsterdam, Marimba Weekend

16: A-Lambach, Rossstall,Benefizkonzert für die Sababu Schule with Klaus Ambrosch, Yacouba Konate

April 2018

21: D-München, Black Box, with Percussion Mania

May 2018

16: NL-Utrecht,, with Percussion Mania

30-31: A - Bad Schönau, Internationales Storytelling Festival

June 2018

02: A-Katsdorf,Jazzclub -Jubiläumsfestival, with Wolfgang Puschnig and Jon Sass

16: D-Münster,Sommer Afrika Festival

July 2018

06: PL-Krakow, Ethno Festival, with Percussion Mania

August 2018

17-31: CDN-Victoria, University of Victoria 

September 2018

10-30: USA-Hanover/Dartmouth College,The Language-Music Connection

29: USA-New York, SOB's, with Percussion Mania

30: USA-Philadelphia, World Café Live, with Percussion Mania

October 2018

01-31: USA-Hanover/Dartmouth College,The Language-Music Connection

06: USA-Boston, Boston University World Music Festival, with Percussion Mania

16: USA-Seattle,Live Radio at KEXP, with Percussion Mania

19: USA-Portland, Wonder Ballroom, with Percussion Mania

20: USA-Seattle, The Neptun Theater, with Percussion Mania

November 2018

01-19: USA- Hanover/Dartmouth College,The Language-Music Connection

05: USA-Flynn Performing  Arts Center, with Percussion Mania

08-09: USA-Hanover/Dartmouth College,  with Percussion Mania

15-16: USA-Providence, First Works, with Percussion Mania

20: PT-Lissabon,Teatro da Trindade INATEL,with Percussion Mania

24: A-Wien, Sargfabrik,Beatfactory Fest with Percussion Mania

December 2018

01:D-Velburg,Kneipenbühne,,with Percussion Mania