Photo by Ursula Röck

Mamadou Diabate: he brings the sun of West Africa on our stage! Colorful ,as the atmosphere on a market place somewhere in West Africa, is the music of Mamadou Diabate and Percussion Mania. Kanuya - the name of the latest CD - means friendship, respect and appreciation.


You can hear and feel all these with the six musicians on stage. Virtuosic balafonmusic, supported by powerful African rhythms and refined by African chants. A complete scene, in which the body can´t sit still anymore…. See for yourself! . They owe their popularity mainly to the spectacular and virtuosic "balafon duel" between the two brothers, Mamadou and Yacouba.


The master of the Balafon Mamadou Diabate lives and works in Vienna. He composes, sings and plays the balafon as well as various percussion instruments. His concert tours took him to many contries and prestigious festivals. After 12 CDs and countless concerts he became an indispensable part of the world music scene. “He brings the sun of West Africa to our concert stage! In this few words you can rewrite the emotion and energy in Mamadous music. “

Live Videos 




Mamadou Diabate - balafon, ngoni, lunga, vocals



Yacouba Konate - balafon 

Hamidou Koita - lead vocal, calabash



Klaus Ambrosch - guitar

Cheikh Ibrahima Fall - djembe

Alex Meissl - E-Bass

Photos by Ursula Röck