Mamadou Diabate - SOLOBALAFON

The balafon as solo-instruments opens a door to westafrican melodies for european listeners. The Balafons, which are used in the concerts are different in tones, or say harmonies, and so they can demonstrate different ways of african music.

On the one hand the compositions are traditional pieces from Burkina Faso, which are played sinces many many years. And the other side there are compositions from Mamadou, which are influenced from his life in Europe. In incredible virtuosity Mamadou playes wonderful melodies with rhythmic finesse, completed with the sound of his voice.


The sticks are moving in a velocity, which you can´t really realize with your eyes. And if you can not see, that Mamadou is standing alone on stage, because of the sound you would think that there are playing 3 musicians.....

Fenba - Solobalafon, 2010