Sigi Finkel & Mamadou Diabate

Sigi Finkel - saxophone, flute

Mamadou Diabate - balafon, ngoni

The unusual instrumentation of saxophones / flutes and on the other side balafon / Ngoni is the appeal of the duo. They play their own songs and music in addition to the Sambla, an ethnic group in Burkina, who belongs to Mamadou - and that combined with jazzy saxophone solos of Swabia (Sigi comes from Gunzburg).

In addition to two CD's that are created in cooperation with ORF, the two have already played in places as diverse as the square of the small town Torosso in Burkina Faso, jazz clubs in Europe, concert halls in Russia and a world music festival in Pakistan.

Yala -                    Mamadou Diabate & Sigi Finkel, 2010



"The attraction of the duet Finkel & Diabate lies within the mixture of two totally different cultures, which are connected playfully, without disrespecting traditions. Jazzy Saxophone tunes harmonise with traditional sounds of the Sambla, an ethnic group from Burkina Faso, which Mamadou Diabate is also part of. Even if you are not familiar with the ethnic background of the traditional African music, it gets hold of you: it goes under your skin and moves your soul... Sigi Finkel and Mamadou Diabate form a congenial duet. They inspire and take care of each other, and make music with overwhelming delight. Art and sensuality are connected by them, in a wonderful way, based on African tradition." 

(Herbert Uhlir, Austrian Broadcast, Jazz redaction)